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LIC India Insurance Policies are something that can be a good option for people who are looking for the best investment that can provide them with assured returns. Because of the financial security that they can provide the policyholders in various situations, the number of people opting for those policies is increasing heavily. To provide the policyholders with an easy access to their LIC accounts, the Life Insurance Corporation has released an Android version of this app. All the latest Android smartphones available in the market support the installation of this app. As the LICMobile Android app is a legitimate app you can find it in the in built app store of your Android devices i.e. Google Play Store. This provides the users with the easy installation process without any rooting of the device.

lic android app

More than one million people have downloaded the LIC Android App from the Google Play Store and it is getting increased every day. It shows the expectation of the people on any product that comes with the brand name of LIC. As rated by the more than 27,000 existing users of this app, it has an average of 3.4 Stars which is not bad for such an app. The latest version of the LICMobile available to download for the Android devices is 1.3.7. However, this version was released almost a year back and till that time users are waiting for a newer version with advanced features. Even if the LIC website has come up with a lot of new options, they are yet to be transferred to the Android App. Those new options can make this app even more close to the normal users.

Features of the LICMobile App for Android

The LICMobile app can be used by policyholders to pay their premiums online in the most comfortable way. Users who are interested to go through the different LIC policies available for them can find them in this app. After checking the details of the plans if you find one suitable for you, the LIC app allows you to apply for that policy. This helps the people from being misguided by the policy agents who force them to take policies that provide the agents with maximum benefit. Hence, the LIC Android app is now considered as a policy advisor to a large number of people. Those who are searching an option for LIC premium calculator can find it also in the LICMobile Android app.

The LICMobile also provides the option for the existing users to check the details about their policy. These details include the policy calendar, payment and profile details etc. So, the LIC app for Android works as a reminder option for the users who forget to pay their LIC premiums on time. A lot of people are found to be searching option to get the contact information of their concerned LIC branches. The LIC Android app includes a section which helps the users with all the details of the LIC branches that they are searching for.


Being the official app released by LIC India, the LICMobile has raised a lot of expectations in the mind of the users. It is found that this app is able to fulfill a lot of user requirements. However, it is yet to reach the exact standards that are expected from an application released by LIC. Knowing the impact an Android application can make on the users, they should release a newer version of the LICMobile. It should include features like the option to apply for an online loan. Such features can make the app a perfect replacement for the LIC web page. This can provide the users with the comfort of doing all the LIC related activities from their smartphones itself.

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