How to Apply for LIC Policy ?

LIC Policies are considered as a very good option for investment by a large number of people since quite a long term. The availability of the assured returns from them is what makes it so attractive for the common people. It is also found to be helping a lot of families in situations of crisis like the death of a person who holds the major income in the family. Earlier the primary option selected by people to apply for an LIC policy is through the support of the LIC Agents. But as time passed, better options are available now which can help the interested people to register and apply for an LIC Policy with ease. Here we will go through some of the best options that can be tried to apply for LIC policies.

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As said earlier, the LIC Agents were the first option used by a majority of the people to register for their Life Insurance Corporation policies. The reason behind this is the ability of the agents to explain in detail about the plans to the interested people. They are capable of giving answers to all the different type of questions arising in the mind of people. The agents can also help them in selecting the best policy that suits their requirement. But the problem started with the fake agents coming into the market and mislead the users to make benefit of them. This resulted in a lot of users ending up with holding LIC policies that are less useful for them. It is at this time people started thinking of an alternate option to apply for LIC Policy and to support them LIC India has started online option to apply for policies.

Apply for LIC Policy through LIC Website: –

People who are interested to apply for an LIC Policy online can visit the homepage of the LIC India Website. This website includes an “Apply Now” option which will guide you to the next page where you will be asked to enter the personal details. But before proceeding with this process, make sure that you are confirmed with the policy type that you want to select. For, this you can check the same LIC official website which includes details of all the different types of policies available with them. If required you can also take the support LIC customer care team who can guide you in the proper way. You will get the required details of all the LIC policies available now from the customer care team. This will help you to take the decision on which policy you can opt for.

So, once you are ready with the details of the required policy and want to proceed with that, visit the online application page of the LIC India as mentioned above. You will be asked to enter details like name, date of birth, annual income, email id, mobile number etc. After filling these required details click on submit button. This will end the process of successfully applying for the LIC Policy online. Following this, you will get a call on your entered mobile number for confirmation of the policy along with further details on other formalities.

Apply for LIC Policy Using Mobile App: –

Adding more convenience to the end users, LIC India has released an Android application for smartphones. To download this app, users can go to the Google Play Store and search for the LICMobile App. As you can find multiple apps with the name of LIC make sure to download the one with the name LICMobile. The LIC India has added a lot of features in this mobile application that is available on the web page. Option to apply for LIC policy online is one of the most useful one among them. So, if you are interested to join the LIC India by taking an LIC policy, download the LICMobile App. You can find the option to apply online for LIC in this app. Making use of this option, you can get your LIC policy in the simplest way.

Even if we have discussed various options to apply for LIC policy through online mode, we still believe that there are a lot of LIC agents who have a good reputation and can be contacted for your policy requirements. But before going ahead with this option, try to take advice from people who are already associated with that agent. This will give you a clear idea of the support that you can receive from him.

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