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Human lives are one of the most unstable things in the World which has no guarantee on what will happen in the next moment. We can’t do anything to change these unexpected changes or disasters in our life. But we can make some plans in such a way that even if we were not in this World, our dear ones will not suffer for their requirements.This page will be helpful for you to know how you can login LIC Policy online.

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The LIC plans are one of the best things that you can opt to make the life of your family secure even after your left this World. There is a major misconception among the people that an LIC Policy can be helpful only in the situations when the policy holder is died or met with any critical accidents. But the fact is that there are also a lot of other policies which can benefit the user during his lifetime itself.

A few years back, a person holding an LIC of India policy was forced to visit the LIC offices to pay the installments of their policy. If they want to change any details regarding their policy, then also they have no other option than submitting the required documents in the concerned Life Insurance Corporation offices. But with the development of the online systems, the situation is entirely changed now. Through the help of the LIC India Login option, you can now perform almost all your account related activities from your home itself. This increased the convenience level of the users to a great extent and now the majority of existing policy holders are making use of this feature to maintain their LIC Accounts. Users can also download the LIC Apps from the Google Play Store which is useful even at times when the user is traveling.

Financial Stability with LIC Policy

Everyone thinks about achieving financial stability, but most of them do not find a perfect option for this and end up with this as a dream only. It is at this stage, the LIC India Policies can come to a great support for you. They have released various plans that can help the users in making their dreams come true. Below are some of the most important ways through which the LIC online login option can help the users in their lives.

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Supports Your Family In Your Absence 

Yes, of course, this is the most important benefit of applying for the LIC policies. In case if you are the main source of income for your family and if something happens to you, it can make the entire family face a very critical situation. The various Policies of LIC can help your family at this stage and prevents your dependents from the state of financial insecurity. This can be helpful in the studies of your children, repayment of existing loans etc. So, taking an LIC Policy is a must if you want to see smiles on the face of your family even if you are not with them. There are lot of other benefit of lic policy.

Enjoy Life Even After Your Retirement

Life after retirement is always a great worry for the majority of people. Joining a good LIC retirement plan intended for the retired life can provide an economically balanced life for you even after you left your jobs. This will provide you with a fixed income at a time when you really need it.

Make Your Business Secure

Another benefit of the LIC Login is its ability to make your business risk free. People who own a personal business should opt for an LIC policy for business. There are policies that are available for your business which can be of great help for you at stages of a crisis. Investing in the LIC India business policies at your good times can work as a great support during your hard times.

Save You Tax

The money that you are investing on the LIC Premium Policy can save the Taxes that you are paying for your income. A maximum of 1.5 Lakh rupees exemption is allowed in this category under the section 80C. A lot of people are found to be making benefit of this using the LIC India login.

Apart from these, the Life Insurance Corporation can provide the policy holders with a lot of other benefits as well. People who are not able to save money by any means can take a policy for their own and for the families. This can work as a forced way of saving money and hence can be very useful for them during the hard times of life.

LIC Of India Login

Once you have purchased an LIC policy and want to make use of the LIC Premium Login, there are multiple options for this. Here we will discuss in detail about the two major options among them.

LIC Online Login Using a Web Browser

This is the first and most commonly used method to get the LIC India Online option. For users who own a personal computer, this is the best way that you can try to get access to your LIC Account online. If you want to try this option, open a web browser in your PC and search for the “LIC Web Login Page”. In the search result, you can find the official website of the LIC. Click on the link and you will reach the LIC login page available on the website.  If you are an already registered user of the LIC, you can directly enter your login details in the LIC online login page. Otherwise, you can follow the below steps to create LIC India login and hence create a new profile as well.

lic policy login

The first-time users need to register in this LIC login page to get access to your profile where you can find all the details of your account. Be sure to keep the Policy number available with you at the time of registration as it is a mandatory field for the signup process. The other fields required for the LIC Signup are the date of birth of the policy holder, his PAN number, Aadhar number, email id, Mobile number, Installment premium etc. A successful entry of these details will provide you with a new LIC Account online which can be your best companion for all your LIC related queries. In the next page, you can enter the required user id and password that will be used later whenever you want to access your LIC India profile. Make sure to keep a note of these login credentials as it is the key for your LIC Online Login.

LIC App Login for Android Users

With the development of the Android smartphones, people are now searching everything to be come along with these phones. Understanding the user requirements, LIC has released an Android version of the LIC App. Users can try the LIC APK available in the Google Play Store if they want to try the LIC Login on mobile phones. Users can download this amazing app from the inbuilt app store of their Android devices. Below are the simple steps to download LIC App for Android smartphones.

lic login android

Open the Google Play Store on your smartphone and in the search bar type “Download LIC App for Android”. In the top of the search list, you can find the LIC Android App. Select this app and click on install. If asked to provide any additional permissions click on Allow. This will install LIC App for smartphones in your phone and you can start using it now. Similar to the LIC Web Login, the LIC Android app also includes two sections, a login option, and a signup option. Users can follow the same steps as mentioned above to get access to each of these options. Users who are searching for the LIC App for iOS will find no success as this version is yet to be released.

LIC Online Login For Policyholder

A lot of users are still not aware of the available features in the LIC Online Portal and App. This prevents them from making use of these features. To help the user understand the benefits of LIC Online feature, we are providing the complete details of what it can provide to the users. So, let us start with the best features available in the LIC India Internet Login.

Pay LIC Premium online 

The most used feature of the LIC Online option by the users is the online payment of LIC Premium. A successful login to the LIC Web Page provides the users with an option to make the payment of their pending premiums. Users can select from the multiple payment options in this page which includes credit cards, debit cards, internet banking etc. This provides the users with the convenience to pay LIC premium online with ease.

Download Payment Receipts of Paid LIC Premiums

This is the second option available to the users in the LIC online portal. This allows the users to download LIC payment receipts for any payments that they have done in the current year. This eliminates the requirement of the users to save all the payment receipts of the LIC premium in the form of paper bills. The PDF version of the receipts available in the LIC portal can be downloaded and saved in your PCs and smartphones also so that they can be used as and when required in future.

Check LIC Policy Status and Policy Schedule Online

With the arrival of the LIC App for Android and the LIC web portal, the requirement of the users to call the customer care services for information on their policy details is almost eliminated. In the LIC policy status section of the LIC Online Page, you can check the major information on your existing policies. This includes your personal details, premium amount, policy started date, next premium date. Performing an LIC India login and checking this section on regular intervals can help you avoid any non-payment of LIC premium at the correct time.

Apply for LIC Loans Online

The LIC Premium Online option also provides the users with another amazing feature – Online Loans from LIC. This is a very good option that is found to be used by a large number of people. This helps the people to avoid visiting any LIC branches and stay in long queues to get their loans approved. An eligible policy holder can do an LIC web login and apply for an online loan from there. The LIC India will verify the required details of the users and then provide the loans as per their eligibility criteria. The approved loan amount will be then transferred to the bank accounts of the user. The entire process is carried out in an online mode and hence can be time-saving as well.

LIC India web login allows the users to add as much of policies to a single login account. This makes the people tension free from remembering all those details of each policy. They can simply do the LIC India portal login and select any of the policy and check all the details about it. Another option available in the online mode is to apply for a new premium. People who are interested to take a new policy in addition to an existing one can check this option. This can help them save the unwanted time spent along with the LIC agents and taking a policy mentioned as the best one by them. In the online option, you can go through the various LIC premium plans available in the market right now and select the one that meets your maximum requirements.

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